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A Private Inquiry Into The Shape of The Earth

for what might be

The Greatest Deception in the History of Mankind

(double COINTELPRO Op – and a distraction away from the money pot of what is really happening)

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Personal website for collating information relating to the globe earth deception.

Video Evidence Collection

Flat earth resource repository

Flat earth experiments

Flat earth clues video documentary

Geocentrism hoax

Fake space programs

Moon landing hoax



Searching for the curvature of the earth


Using the given radius of the earth at 6371 Kilometers there is a curve of approximately 8 inches per mile squared.  So the first mile there will be a drop of 8 inches, over 2 miles a drop of 32 inches and over 3 miles a drop of 72 inches or 6 feet.  Imagine if a construction company built a runway perfectly flat 3 miles long using laser level technology to ensure it is perfectly level. If such a 3 mile long perfectly level runway was built they would need to backfill the ground with enough material to make up the loss of 6 feet between the start of the runway and the end.

Or imagine the world’s longest swimming pool was to be constructed 1 mile long and again perfectly flat and level, but when they fill it with water they are confused to find one end of the swimming pool is 8 inches deeper than the other end.  Does this seem logical? On a globe earth we should expect this. This is the globe earth model. In reality no major civil engineering contractors make any calculations to allow for the curvature of the earth: no allowances are made.

Could it be simply because they know the earth is flat, and everyone is too lazy to ponder for a moment why we cannot measure a curvature of 8, 32, 72, 128, 200, 288 inches over each progressive mile. This means that over 6 miles we should observe a loss of 24 feet. I.e. a building 6 miles away we should not be able to observe the first 24 feet – basically the ground floor lobby and the first floor above should be blocked from view due to the curvature of the earth. This seems absurd. But is this what we see or not?




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