FLAT EARTH Clues Part 1 – Empty Theatre

FLAT EARTH Clues Part 1 – Empty Theatre

Are we inside a Truman show enclosed world, thousands of miles wide? This is part of a series of videos that shows not only is it possible, but likely.

Please feel free to repost these videos anywhere – Mark Sargent

Part of a series on the clues that guide you to the Flat
Earth. This clue looks into the fact that while
Hollywood makes many movies in space, they have never
attempted a factual account of the moon landing missions.

The world is FLAT, and this will help you see it.

Description reference links:

2001, A Space Odyssey, 1968 movie, shown before the
first moon mission.

Category: Films about the Apollo Program.

The Right Stuff, 1983 movie.

From the Earth to the Moon television series.

Capricorn One 1978 movie.

Room 237 documentary.


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