Fake International Space Station ISS

The International Space Station is just a hoax. There is no ISS in space, no space walks and no docking of the shuttle with the ISS.  It is all Hollywood !


What evidence do we actually have?

  • But I have seen NASA astronauts in zero gravity on TV so it must be true!

TV is no evidence, if is were, then everything we see in movies must also therefore be true.  Movies are very good at making the unreal seem real. Hollywood has made countless movies about space exploration, yet the movie makers did not need to set up a production studio outside of earths orbit in order to film the actors in space suits doing their mission critical space walks. All Space movies are filmed on earth. Yet when we watch them on our TV or in the cinema we are lured into a different reality created by the movie and we can accept it as actually happening. We do not see errors in the movie such as lighting rigs or microphone booms cutting across the set.

ISS Space Station hoax yes the iss and pretty much everything else to do with NASA

Why is it so hard for people to comprehend that the ISS footage is fake and is filmed on Earth?  Just because you saw objects floating in the ISS, hair flowing in zero gravity? Or perhaps because you think that you saw out the windows of the ISS into space this means it is actually in space?  The same effect is achieved for Hollywood. Yet they do not need to actually go into space to film it.

International Space Station Hoax

NASA hoax ISS Actornaut Chris Cassidy accidentaly admits they are filming in the USA


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