Polaris the North Star Clue

Polaris the North Star Clue – Is the earth spinning around the sun or the stars above rotating around the earth ?

This is a time-lapse (by Jamie M) shot of the North Star. This sequence is compiled of 650 photographs.

20 Second exposures Every 30 Seconds Sunset to Sunrise Twin Buttes Reservoir San Angelo Texas

These time lapse photography do prove one thing. and that is the earth is not traveling in an orbit around the sun. If the earth was spinning while in an orbit around the sun, then the time lapse photos of the stars would trace a pattern much like the scratching pattern left from a rotary disc sander moving across a piece of timber

Eric Dubay, a flat earth researcher, in his YouTube video documentary 26 minutes in length shows how the stars rotation can be viewed in a flat earth model (above) writes: NASA and modern astronomy claim that star-trails in the Southern Hemisphere rotate clockwise, while those in the North rotate counter-clockwise and provide this as proof positive of their spinning ball-Earth. In reality, however, the Earth is an extended flat plane and all the stars and other celestial bodies rotate East to West around Polaris, the only non-moving star in the sky situated perfectly in line directly above the North Pole. The so-called “South Pole” and South Pole star “Sigma Octantis” are both myths – complete fabrications to bolster their ball model. The following video exposes the entire hoax and explains in detail how star-trails work on the flat Earth model, and how they do NOT on the ball. Special thanks to My Perspective, Stars are Souls, David Kay, Aaron Dover and all the other flat Earthers who have helped uncover the truth about this key issue

North Pole southpole

Who can find a photo of the South Pole star “Sigma Octantis” ?

Stars are Souls offers some thoughts on this matter

More stunning videos of Polaris the North Star.


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