Popular Flat Earth VideoBloggers

The following bloggers on YouTube seem to be fairly popular at spearheading the Flat Earth Disclosure.

It seems while they agree on the majority of the supporting theory behind the deception. Not all agree on some of the finer points of how it all works together, yet at least they do agree the earth is not a globe and no curvature is visibly observable or measurable on the face of our planet.

In no particular order these are some of the more popular video bloggers on youtube publishing material and short documentaries on the flat earth

A funny thing is occurring with the flat earth videos on youtube – it does seems that YouTube is suppressing the view counts to keep them from ‘mainstream’ YouTube.

Individuals Published Name | Youtube Channel

my perspective – YT | 3,138 Subscribers – 232,861 views – Joined Mar 8, 2012

Geo Shifter – GeoShifter | 368 subscribers – 41,836 views – Joined Apr 9, 2015

Dan Flynn – Dan Flynn | 41,843 Subscribers – 10,003,138 views – Joined Oct 18, 2006

Mark Sergent – markksargent | 7,608 Subscribers – 803,614 views- Joined Apr 12, 2007

Stars are souls – stars are souls | 5,319 Subscribers – 445,344 views – Joined Jun 28, 2007

Eric Dubay – Eric Dubay | 12,389 subscribers – 2,043,375 views – Joined Sep 5, 2007

Jeranism – jeranism | 8,037 subscribers – 598,182 views – Joined YT Feb 6, 2015

Cae sar – Cae sar | 4,915 subscribers 1,654,162 views – Joined Aug 24, 2012

Math Powerland Boylan –TheNASAchannel | 10,303 Subscribers – 2,986,216 views – Joined Apr 5, 2011

Odin Rising – Odin Rising | 711 subscribers – 100,328 views – Joined May 18, 2013

waykiwayki – YT | 2613 subscribers – 147,454 views – Joined Jan 18, 2011

p-brane – YT | 584 subscribers – 20,061 views – Joined Mar 14 2014


Will add more of the Youtube channels I find on this subject

It is alleged some people posting flat earth videos are in fact CIA asset shills controlled opposition with the agenda of derailing people from discovering the deception.  What they seem to do is present information fitting in with current theory, but mix in with it untruths or unsavory associations aimed at discrediting any forming communities.  So just be aware of these psychological wars going on within any conspiracy or truther information.  It seems these shill operatives do appear to rise to fame pretty quickly and seem to get their videos listed in youtube much higher than others – this may be because they are getting a helping hand to become the front runner ie the ‘Alex Jones’ of the research.  So just be aware of the so-called false prophets who claim to have the 100% truth on any subject matter. If you are looking for dis-information on any subject then head to Wikipedia ! Wikipedia is the most foul and corrupt site online no doubt it is operated top down from some asset of CIA or some such corporation.  Sure many things on Wikipedia are correct , however they mix BS in with truth constantly so you can never get the facts from wikipedia. People try to correct pages on wikipedia but they always get deleted and the false info replaced.  Learn to question everything and trust nothing. Throw out everything you know and look into things for yourself with new eyes. Try to gain as many perspectives on the object(subject) you are studying(viewing) from all angles then you start to build up a true 3D model for yourself rather than a forced 2D perspective you gain if you only read one line of resource.


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