The Artists Perspective

Questioning The World – An Artist’s Perspective – Advanced Flat Earth Theory Explained

flat earth perspective part 1

Flat Earth perspective part 2

Flat Earth perspective part 3 conclusion

Flat Earth from a plane on a plain

Angles and curves on the flat earth.

Flat earth and the event horizon

Flat earth and the skydiver

Ball earth madness

The Flat Earth & who sees the sun?

Flat earth and the sun’s rays an artist’s perspective

Flat earth and the maze

Flat earth and the twister – Can you really focus on the sun 93 million miles away?

Telescopes and The Flat earth and the dope on a slope

Flat earth and the silver moon.

The Flat earth and the birds tale. Proven by birds migration

Flat Earth & the crumbling mountains.

The earth is not moving or spinning. Airplane proof

NASA got bananas for everyone.

The spinning earth made of bricks

Flat Earth not fazed by the moon -Moon Phase proof

Blues for the moon

The sun has set while it is still day. ?

Flat earth and the man in the mirror.

Flat Earth and the suns perspective, an artist perspective.

Flat earth and the setting sun, an artists perspective.

Flat earth an artist reflects

Flat earth and the artist with the moon

Flat Earth an artist perspective on Polaris

Flat Clouds over a flat earth

Flat earth vertical perspective, an artist’s impression

The flat earth and the jelly doughnut

the flat earth and the sexagesimal delusion.

NASA bedtime stories – Fake footage?



my perspective on youtube

cache of videos here 


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