Eric Dubay Video uploads

The Flat Earth Conspiracy Documentary

In this 90 minute documentary Dubay has compiled and condensed all the most compelling video evidence that we are living on a motionless, flat Earth. Please take the time to do yourself and humanity a favor by watching this most important, mind-blowing and entertaining film! Please also like, share and spread this video around to help raise awareness of this highly taboo, suppressed, and ridiculed truth. To learn even more about the ball-Earth deception and fully discover the depths of this five-century running indoctrination, be sure to read my new 252-page book, “The Flat Earth Conspiracy,” the first flat-Earth book published in over 40 years, available in paperback, eBook, and ePub:

Light and Shadows Prove the Flat Earth

Sundials, moondials, the Midnight Sun, the great variety of daylight hours at different places/seasons, the nature of light and shadows all prove we are living on a flat motionless plane, not a spinning ball planet.

Ancient Flat Earth Beliefs

The following video examines the Geocentric Flat Earth beliefs of ancient cultures such as the Mayans, Navahoes, and Dogons, sacred texts such as the Indian Vedas, Christian Bible and Muslim Koran, and mysterious maps such as Mercator’s North polar projection and assorted Babylonian, Korean and medieval European wheel maps. In this video I also present evidence that Atlantis, the fabled lost city/continent, is actually a description of the flat Earth before the biblical flood.


The Flat Earth Masonic Matrix Manipulators

The oldest and largest secret society in existence has a secret so huge and well-hidden, so contrary to what we have been taught to believe, that its exposure threatens to not only completely and single-handedly crush their New World Order “United Nations” but to radically reshape the entirety of modern academia, universities, the mainstream / alternative medias, all the world’s governments, space agencies, and the very Earth beneath our feet.


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