In search of the edge

In search of the edge of the flat earth (1990)

An inquiry into the shape of the earth and the disappearance of Andrea Barns

Some evidence that the Earth is flat, as archival footage including the final fatal expedition of Andrea Barnes, who finally reached the edge of Earth via snowmobile (really no evidence of this), after failing in her life-long attempts via skis, dirigible, and boat. Barnes disappeared during her last journey, (or died) but her Eureka note was uncovered by a Polar explorer, many years later.

Uploaded to YouTube by Odin Rising with 66,385 views todate.

Film details:

26 minutes
Directed by Scott Barrie
Produced by Pancake Productions

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Release Date: 1990

IN SEARCH OF THE EDGE is a comprehensive documentary proving, fairly conclusively, that the earth is flat!

Humorous, thought-provoking, and at once both absurdist and matter of fact, it presents a carefully constructed argument from a definite, well-researched “flat-earth” point of view, while dismissing the “global earth” doctrine as little more than an elaborate hoax.

The film is comprised of the conventional documentary mix of elements, including interviews with experts, stock footage, still photographs and animation, and is woven together with the story of Andrea Barns, a Canadian woman who devoted her life to convincing the world that the earth is flat.

This is an essential lesson in media literacy for a generation plugged into television. Provoke critical thinking in your students and help them to become aware of the devices used in documentary media; the history of scientific paradigms; and their own willingness to take things at face value.


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